If you are interested in our research and want to join the lab, we sometimes have job openings - keep checking this page. An alternative way is to apply for personal grants, with opportunities at the Flemish and European levels.

Current job openings

Other opportunities

Below are listed some possible individual grants you could apply for. Do check the criteria, as these can be strict, and be aware that success rates can be low. If you do identify a grant that looks suitable, please get in touch and we can discuss whether a grant submission if feasible.

  • Flanders: The Flemish research organisation (FWO) provides fellowships for doctoral and post-doctoral students, once a year. Deadlines vary but are around the end/beginning of the year.
  • Europe: The VUB has information for applying for postdoctoral MSCA individual fellowships. More generally, Euraxess provides excellent information on research possibilities.
  • In addition, there are often internship programs between countries, for example for German students. Do check possibilities at your national level.

For general information for international students, check the International relations and mobility office of the VUB.