In-house databases and datasets


DB resource  Start2Fold

Database with information on the early/intermediate/late folding regions of proteins, and their unfolding, from hydrogen/deuterium exchange data from NMR and X-ray crystallography

Developers: Rita Pancsa, Mihaly Varadi,

Funding: G.0328.16N (FWO),


DB resource  NOUMENON

Noumenon is a bias-free dataset for the validation of contact prediction methods.

Developers: Daniele Raimondi,

Funding: BB2B 2010-1-12 (Innoviris), Ph.D. grant Daniele Raimondi (IWT),


DB resource  SARS-CoV-2

This website provides sequence-based predictions for all proteins that compose the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Its aim is to provide information on the possible behaviour of these proteins that is not evident from structure nor sequence directly.

Developers: Luciano Kagami, Wim Vranken,

Funding: G.0328.16N (FWO),

Biophysical Proteome Atlas

DB resource  Biophysical Proteome Atlas

Sequence-based predictions for the characteristics of the proteins that compose the human proteome.

Developers: Adrian Diaz, Wim Vranken,

Funding: No funding associated.

Databases and datasets from collaborations


DB resource  AmyPro

AmyPro is a database with information on aggregating regions of proteins.

DisProt 7.0

DB resource  DisProt 7.0

DisProt is a database with annotations on disordered regions of proteins based on experimental observations.


DB resource  MobiDB

MobiDB is a database of (predicted) annotations on protein disorder and mobility